PROJECT -  Reclaiming the Rambla   TYPE -  Urban intervention   LOCATION -  Ørestad, Copenhagen   YEAR -  2014   ADVISOR -  Bo Christiansen
 larger image  here      [volition]: the power to make your own choices or decisions.  By setting up a grid of connection points for people to build upon, a permanent infrastructure is established to accommodate temporary scaffolding that will eventually frame social interaction. Ephemeral in nature, the framework allows for transient activities to take place such as markets, playgrounds, performance spaces or simply places to be. This inflection in the path draws attention, diverts people, and through intrigue brings life back to "the rambla". This array of vertical piles serves as furnishing, as skin and as an urban grove - bringing color, life and volume back to the site. Modular in nature, the project can move and change with the surrounding social and urban fabric, thus becoming a diagram showcasing the change in population, interests and time.
16 - maps.jpg
  site analysis   + experimental area  + innovative architecture  + buildings form microcosmic communities  - flat monotonous facades  - buildings turn their backs to the street and face inwards  - the rambla doesn't accommodate activity or social interaction  - transitory nature: path only used to get from A to B  - lack of human scale
 A grid of 2x4m is set up where points of intersection result in a field of connection points covering the site. This infrastructure allows for the community to plug in modules, rearrange spaces and accommodate a plethora of social activities. The temporary nature of the installation allows for social and commercial experimentation within a larger urban setting.
16 - concept model.jpg
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