PROJECT -  Rebound   TYPE -  Educational   LOCATION -  New Orleans, LA   YEAR -  2014   ADVISOR -  Margarida Yin   WITH -   Chip Hubert     two quarter long project entered into the   ACSA Steel Competition 2014   - Open Category
   site plan     (North is up)
  A driving force in the continual reconstruction of New Orleans,  REBOUND  seeks to enliven the city’s people by reinterpreting the common vision of the library. This ultimate public amenity is defined by equal parts knowledge and community, emphasizing our human desire to share our pursuits both virtually and physically in an increasingly disconnected world.        Approaching the library, visitors are confronted with the massive volume housing the physical collection of over one million titles set deep into the constructed landscape. The cavernous space is occupied by an industrial-grade Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), communicating the weight of our common physical history and providing a backdrop for the ascension to the top of the plinth. Here, pedestrian paths drawn up from the landscape of Woldenberg park converge to relate the building’s entry to Jackson Square and Canal Street while tying back to the grid of the French Quarter.        Within, reading and browsing opportunities vary in scope from traditional to virtual in a variety of spaces crafted to suit the volumetric character of each. The triple-height lobby accommodating an auditorium and trolley station serves as the access point to the retrieval system for all visitors. This crux provides a transition between the mass of the plinth and the elongated core erupting from the park landscape. Above, reading spaces are characterized by a light and open atmosphere allowed by the clear span, emphasizing the expansive view of the river flowing steadily below. Meanwhile, virtual browsing bays populate the lower level of this core and serve as the main interface between library goers and the AS/RS. Emphasizing digital technology, this approach seeks to enable users of all ages and interests while connecting the public as part of a larger civic body of shared knowledge.        Selected for its beauty and strength, steel lends efficiency and economy to the overall scheme in the form of composite trusses. Exposure of the structural elements reveals the rigor of the cantilevered form and expected environmental loads while paying homage to the steel yards that once dominated this stretch of riverfront. A formal language of deconstruction applied to the cladding scheme for views and accessibility relies on a system of steel tensile elements, revealing the structure further. By developing the landscape into a sculptural plinth and access point for everyone while serving as a bridge crossing the site’s existing train lines,  REBOUND  activates the riverfront.     competition essay - [ read full text here ]
   program    /exploded
  MIDREVIEW       process render - lobby
  MIDREVIEW       process render - browsing
  lobby + trolley station
  virtual browsing bays
  East/West section cut
  ground floor
  first floor
12 - plan2.jpg
   Section drawing     North/South section cut
   9:00 am /scenario1     Josh Reuben, New Orleans most promising children's author was invited to read his new book "Once A Bunny, Always A Bunny" to a group of high energy, short attention-span kids. Meanwhile, parents enjoy some freshly brewed coffee in the downstairs cafe  .
   2:00 pm - /scenario2     The main lobby, a flexible open space for people to sit and read, socialize and escape from the hot humid climate.
   7:00 pm -     /scenario3     The New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival sponsors an annual Jazz concert to raise money for the local community youth group.
 studio space - process
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