PROJECT -  Coastal Discovery Center   TYPE -  Cultural    LOCATION -  San Simeon, CA   YEAR -  2012   ADVISOR -  Robert Arens
  Located on the central coast, the William R. Hearst State Beach is an area highly frequented by locals and tourists alike. It’s adjacency to highway 1 and Hearst castle makes this location a prime stopping point between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Situated on the bluff and adjacent to the pier, the building is aligned with the site’s inherent axis. In light of the site’s rich ancestry and heritage from Chumash Natives, Shore whalers and the Hearst company, a coastal discovery center is proposed to educate people on local marine wildlife and conditions while the Julia Morgan Interpretive Center pays tribute to one of the greatest American female architects who played a large role in shaping San Simeon and its surroundings. Finally, a kayak rental  space allows people to take advantage of San Simeon Bay.
  Investigation into the history of San Simeon (abstract project).     Overlay of Chumash imagery on a Julia Morgan house.     Medium - collage on mylar
1 - section2.jpg
1 - ext1.jpg
1 - int1.jpg
1 - int2.jpg
  East-West section cut
1 - plans1.jpg
1 - plans2.jpg
1 - plans3.jpg
  1/8" = 1'-0" physical model
  1/8" = 1'-0" physical model
  Topographic model - site analysis
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