SITE PLAN    How to be a pavilion in a functioning park?   The nature of the site - encircled with urban residential high-rise buildings - commends attention to the compositional placement of the new pavilion within the park. A network of eyes monitoring the park almost 360° requires a pleasing aerial view of the project embedded into its place. An "El Lissitzky-esk" approach was taken here, treating the park like a canvas already filled with harsh linearity (paths) and scattered circular forms (mounds). The pavilion, utilizing the existing language and typology, thus inserts itself into the overall composition. 
     CONCEPT SKETCH    [FURROW] - a long and narrow cut in the ground.   Initial reactions upon visiting the site...  + The Ørestad residents were content with the current state of Byparken and utilized it frequently and at all times of the day/year.  + People were not convinced of Bibiana's proposal for a culture center, apprehensive of creating an unnecessary obtrusion.  + The park catered to all types of physical activity from biking to soccer and volleyball. But the greater area lacked a cultural hub.  + By furrowing in the ground, the proposed pavilion could remain modest and respectful of its context all the while creating a new cultural center to the Ørestad region.
  FORM GENERATION - a sequence.
  EMBEDDED CULTURE   Taking the typology of one of the existing mounds and inverting it to create a depression in the park, the pavilion is then inserted into the ground, bridging the created void. The proposed underground pavilion thus becomes a place to withdraw and escape the surrounding visual noise created by the glossy buildings, all competing with each other for attention. This very cold, artificial environment is distracting and exhausting.   The pavilion is viewed as an escape from the area, a retreat. It becomes a place to ponder, contemplate and learn about other cultures through their different takes on children's illustrations; as it is all too easy to loose touch with art and culture amidst the menial tasks and routines of the every-day.
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 larger image  here    SECTION A   exhibition space - lobby - library - play area - reading nooks
 larger image  here    SECTION B   library - multipurpose activity space - tensile reading installations
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